Thursday, June 19, 2008

...And then...WHOOSH, I heard the toilet flush...

My youngest (Dee Dee and Lukey) are now three, and I love them dearly, but the last couple of days I've been wondering about the policy of leaving unwanted babies at the local fire station. Is there a way to bend that 72-hour rule into the 40-month rule?

The trouble started 40 months ag...wait, I mean about a week ago. Lukey decided that floating the plastic boats we used for bath time could also be used for independent fun in the toilet. This, is a huge, "EWWWW NO, NO don't do that, throw them away...GAH!" in my house. So the boats have been quickly disappearing into the trash.
Fast forward to 2 days ago. I hear flushing, flushing and more flushing. WTF... did all the kids have to go at the SAME time? Right at this point Taylor comes into the living room and very angrily tells me that Dee Dee and Lukey have flushed the strawberry body scrub she got from the $1 bin at target (may contain some lead) down the toilet. Whew, I'm thinking...the body scrub is water soluble...right? I told her we'd buy some more (they were out) and chased the babies out of the bathroom with some angry glares and not exactly age appropriate language.

About 2 hours later I use the toilet and it overflows (#1 luckily) we’ve had some toilet issues in the past, so I'm not thinking the worst of my kids...yet. My hubby and I take turns plunging it and eventually the water drains...slowly. At this point, I realize ALL the plastic boats are gone... Hmmmm. Hubby assures me that they had all been thrown away; surly they wouldn't fit into the toilet...

The next day I call the apartment maintenance guy and he comes and snakes the toilet. Out comes two hot wheels, part of a plastic boat, a watch face, a screw and a marble. He snakes some more, but no more stuff comes out, yet the toilet still isn't flushing properly. So, the apartment complex sends out for a 'professional' to come out the next morning at 10 AM.

Bright and early at NOON the guy shows up (hello, cooped up at home with energetic kids, and a second bathroom that is too small to hide in for long!) to get the toilet to work. He snakes, and snakes and snakes. He ends up getting some gravel (WTH do my kids eat?), an earring (not mine...hubby- you have some 'splaining to do), a penny, a nickle ( Woo hoo up .06 cents!) AND another plastic boat piece. It was truly unbelievable, the amount of...ummm...crap... that was in our toilet!

So, yeah, we are now on the bathroom buddy program... and no, Dee Dee and Lukey no longer get to be bathroom buddies!

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