Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Harvest Festival

(We attended the harvest parade several weekends ago... I'm just playing catch up)
Saturday was the 83rd annual Harvest Festival and Parade in Arvada. Its quite the event for our community. Thousands turn out every year to watch the parade, including some school friends, who we sat behind. The kids started having fun even before the parade started... they danced to the golden oldies blaring out of the loud speaker just across the street from us. They were very entertaining to watch for both us and the folks standing across the way from us.

The parade is always wonderfully traditional with lots of groups in the community involved. From the different legions to the schools to clubs, to political parties to the fire fighters and law enforcement. Its a great parade... if a little long (well over an hour this year!)
The Parade sports a boatload of high school marching bands.
The Wesernaires were a big part of the parade and I think every Westernaire from around the state showed up.
As always the El Jebel Shriners (Arabic for boys and their toys) had a huge presence. They had their small yellow cars, the big yellow cars, the clowns, the motorcycles and tons of other 'toys'. I think the Shriners made up a quarter of the parade all by themselves!
And there were lots and lots of floats with tons of candy being flung at my sugar greedy spawn.
It was a perfect parade day and as a bonus for the kids they caught so much candy from the various floats, they will be on a sugar rush that will last them until Halloween.
After the parade we started to check out the festival. Right away Taylor, Olivia, Lucas and Dee Dee wanted to visit the park where one of the banks in town sponsored a bubble maker that the kids really loved. The bubbles were generated automatically at the top of the structure and then would float down to the kids on the the cool breeze. The children had a great time trying to catch the bubbles with the other participants. In between cycles of bubbles the kids would gather under the pyramid-like structure chanting, "Bub-bles! Bub-bles! Bub-bles!" It was weird mixture of cute and creepy.
After we played with the bubbles for quite a while we decided to travel on to find more fun. The next stop was a jumping house.
One of the highlights was visiting with summer time Santa. He's on vacation this time of year, don't ya' know.
It was a lot of fun and the kids had a great time. They can't wait to do it all again next year!

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