Friday, October 31, 2008


I think I may love Halloween more than my kids do, and that is saying a lot! I don't dress up, but I do love to see all the kids in their costumes, the trick or treating and staying out until all hours of night. This year was especially fun since the night was so unseasonably warm. In years past we've taken our kids out while it was snowing, raining, freezing and icy out... and that was just one Halloween night! Luckily our kids are marathon trick or treaters and they don't let the bad weather get them down.
Because of my excitement for Halloween I often go a little overboard with the costumes. We asked the kids what they wanted to be a couple of months ago and then I have an awful tendency to try and figure out how to do whatever they request. Usually its something easy... a ghost, a princess etc. This year, Taylor wanted to be a hatching chick, Olivia a witch, Dee Dee a Butterfly and Lucas wanted to be something scary... until he freaked out in the Halloween aisle at Target, then he decided he wanted to be something safe...a fireman.

Lucas' costume was the only one from the store, the rest we made at home. I thought Dee Dee's would be easy as well, I made the wings and just needed to buy some antenna to be a butterfly. Well, as it turns out, butterflies are OUT and fairy princesses are IN. It was even hard to find a head band to make our own antenna, so we went with a sparkly butterfly princess as her costume. She turned out pretty cute! It doesn't show in the picture, but we made her wings extra sparkly!
Taylor's developed from a fairly easy costume to one that was more complicated. The trouble started when I told DiDi that she was going to be a pink chick and that I needed a pink boa to finish the project. Diane had a hard time imagining a pink chick since chicks are usually yellow. I now realize I should have made the argument that she was a pink chick because for Halloween she was going as an Easter chick that had been dyed pink for that holiday. Unfortunately I didn't think of that argument until yesterday, so Taylor ended up being a hatching flamingo which was waaay more complicated. However, her costume got rave reviews on Halloween. I sewed the neck, the body and the wings, made the mask and sewed a store bought beak onto it, she also got a pink store bought wig for her 'hat'. The girls and I made the hatching egg parts from paper papier-mache. Even if I say so was a fabulous costume.
For Olivia I sewed her a skirt and shirt from some black fabric that Diane supplied. The girls and I made the hat from paper papier-mache and glued some hair from a wig onto it. Her face was from a makeup kit from the store that included an ugly, warty green nose. By the time Chris got done with her makeup, it looked like she was wearing an expensive and realistic mask. Olivia got tons of compliments for her costume as well, which she thought was kind of embarrassing.
For the first part of the night we went to Olde Town Arvada for their trick or treat street. After getting a ton of candy there, we went to a neighborhood so that we could completely fill up their candy bags. We were out for hours, the night was so warm and the kids were having so much fun. At a certain point, we realized it was just us and the teens still out and decided that it was time for us to go home and enjoy some of candy the kids had collected. I'm pretty sure, we'll have enough candy to last us until Christmas... or at least Thanksgiving!

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Lweeks said...

Holy Cow! You are a very talented Mamma! The kids looked adorable. Good job. I wish you had dressed up too.