Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kite Festival

Huff, puff, sounds of running and then the wails of, "Mom kite won't fly!!" This was the theme for the kite festival Saturday. Last year we had a great time, the thousands of kites in the air was great to watch, the only complaint, we didn't bring any kites of our own. This year we spent $2.00 on each kid so they could get a souvenir kite and fly it at the festival.
Unfortunately, cheap kites need gale force winds to stay aloft and on Saturday we barely had a light breeze. The skies were rather dark and stormy, but they just never delivered the wind they promised. There were a few gusts and a few kites would find flight, but a few minutes later all the kites would be on the ground again.
What we actually purchased was hours of frustration and wild running around with a kite skipping along the ground behind each kid. Which was fine until they figured out it wasn't such a bargain. All the kids worked hard to get their kites in the air but Taylor ran like it was her life's ambition to get her kite aloft, but it never happened for her.
Dee Dee had a great time just running around, and in her enthusiasm and cuteness (is that even a word?) was able to make it into the Sunday Denver Post.

In the end we all had a great time and the kids learned a valuable lesson, flying a kite without wind is pretty much the same as running around in circles just for the hell of it.

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