Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Look What I Did:)

A little update.  I realized I hadn't posted pics of the finished stockings so here they are:)

One of my life long dreams... (Ok, maybe more of a goal) I've had for the last few years has been to cross stitch a stocking for everyone in the family.   I finished stockings for Taylor

 and Olivia

I started one for Chris and then lost interest for a while but the last few months I've been into it again and finally finished the stocking.

 In that time I also acquired a program that lets me design my own cross stitch patterns and so the stocking I stitched for Lucas is one of my own designs.  Now I just have to work on stockings for Dee Dee and myself:)

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Anu said...

Growing up I was always jealous of the store bought stockings my siblings had, while I had the "lame" one that my mother cross stiched for me ... now it is one of my most cherished possesions and she has gone on to do one for each of my siblings.

I really want to make ones for my boys, but can never find a pattern I like. Could you share the name of the program you used to design yours? I think that would give it an extra special touch!