Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Volkswagen,

You suck. Here's a sampling of why you suck...

Child 1- (POW).... "blue one!"
Child 2- "Ow! You aren't supposed to hit, just say the color! OH (POW) RED ONE!"
Child 1- "Mom he hit me!"

My kids don't need a new incentive to beat the snot out of each other, especially in the car. They can come up with plenty of reasons without your advertisements encouraging them to slug each other and random strangers just because a Volkswagen of any type is within eyesight. Its even more annoying because the game is supposed to be about assaulting someone because you saw a Bug, not a minivan or any other random type of car you people might manufacture. Slug Bug at least limited the number of cars you could get beat over, Punch Dub is just stupid. Sure, I get a little vicarious joy out of your commercials and the random beatings that occur, but the reenactments by my kids are sucking the fun out of it for me. Perhaps Hug Dub would be better, it can still be considered assault, my kids like to hug until someone trips and falls down, but at least it would be harder for my kids to do in the car. Better yet, Don't Touch Anyone Dub... now there is a slogan I could totally get behind.

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