Friday, July 29, 2011

We bought a New House

Well, new to us, it's actually previously loved:)  Here are pictures of the before and as we fix things I will add posts.   It's a 60's ranch which has only had one owner from what we can tell from the paperwork.  The older gentleman who lived there wasn't able to take care of the yard or much of the house so there is some work to be done.
 The front door opens to the living room.  Yes, the carpeting did smell worse than it looked, thanks for asking!

 The kitchen.

 The bathroom, it's uglier in person if you can imagine that.
 And the main floor bedrooms.

 And then there is more downstairs.
 Another bedroom.

The family room, half of which we want to turn into another bedroom.

Yes, the owners did leave all this crap, even after assuring me they would get it all out.  Grrr

But wait there is still more...
A large room with almost no purpose:

 And a utility room.

And then back up the stairs:)
I'll keep writing about the changes we make, we think this is going to make a great home for us. 

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