Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Funny

One of the exciting things about getting a new house is getting to choose the paint colors.  We still need to add another bedroom so for now Taylor and Olivia chose to paint their room bright yellow and blinding orange.  Luckily the room is in the basement so I don't think this combination will result in retinal damage. 

I've been dreading painting because the kids are so excited about getting to help out.  Since the floor in Taylor and Olivia's new room needs to be replaced I decided to start there.  I just knew they would get bored with the whole thing quickly and no longer want to help me.  But alas, those kids really love to paint.  Lucas did finally decide he didn't want to do it any more but the rest of them really hung in there. 

One of the new toys I bought for the new house was the Black & Decker paint stick.  Chris got to use it first, but then I went to town with it.
It worked really well and after about an hour this is what the room looked like.
Which is where the funny part enters into the equation:)

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