Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween, a Retrospective

It's that time of year when the kids start thinking about Halloween and I start to wonder where my glue gun has gone to live.  Taylor was talking about all the things she's been for Halloween and it was kind of hard to name them all.  So I thought it might be fun to go back and relive those great moments with all the kids.
We bought these little onesies and the hat, so cute.
The scarecrow (Olivia) and clown (Taylor) costumes were hand me downs, although I made the little scarecrow hat and had to make the clown hat a little bigger for Taylor's giant noggin. 
We bought these costumes.  Olivia was thrilled to be a ladybug in a pot, Taylor, not so much.  
Hmmm... I seem to be missing something...
And here too. 
Madeline and Lucas were Raggedy Ann and Andy. We used clothes they already had and I made the wig for Madeline.  For Lucas I just glued some yarn to his hat.  These might be my favorite costumes of all time.
Olivia was Cat Nape' a popular cartoon at the time.  She was dressed in an all black sweat suit, I made the ears and tail and the mask.  Cat Nape' was a cat burglar, so the mask was important.  Taylor wanted to be a flower so she wore a white sweat suit, I made the leaves and petals out of foam sheets.  And then since Olivia had a mask she needed one as well.

Madeline was a cute little princess with a homemade crown, the dress was one we had from a previous year.  
Lucas made an adorable cowboy.   
Taylor was a great fairy princess.  Olivia wanted to be a mermaid princess so I made the tie on fish tail and the star bikini.  I thought it looked great with the white T shirt underneath it.  
 I really loved the costumes the kids chose... well OK, Madeline's was a bit 2007 but the rest were really fun.  Taylor was a ghost, a white nightgown from the Goodwill, some makeup and she was ready to go.  We also ratted up her hair for that really scary ghost vibe.  Olivia was a bat, I took apart an umbrella to make the wings and attached them to a black sweat suit and then made her some really big bat ears out of a black foam sheet. Lucas was a spider, the arms were his arms, his legs and then I used some black tights stuffed with poly fill to make the other legs.  The fake legs were attached with a string to his arms so they moved when he moved his arms.  I painted a glow in the dark spider web on his black sweat shirt just for fun.
 A witch, a hatching flamingo, a firefighter and a fairy entered a bar.... I mean went out to enjoy Halloween.  The firefighter costume and the fairy dress were both bought.  I made Madeline's wings, they were very sparkly.  Taylor originally wanted to be an egg, then a hatching chick and then she fell on her head or something and wanted to be a hatching flamingo.  I was able to buy a mask for this and then added the feathers, made the wings, the neck is made out of a pink boa and the egg shell bits were paper mache'. All of this was attached to a skirt I made out of pink fabric and some elastic.   A black sweat shirt, pink sweat pants and pink shoes finished off the costume. 

For Olivia I made the witch's robe, the hat out of paper mache' (although I would just say buy one, they are cheap and making one wasn't as easy as I thought) The belt and then we bought the socks because accessories are important, even if you are an evil type of witch.
 For 2010 Madeline was sporting a witch costume we got as a hand me down.  Olivia was a black cat we bought the mask this time around for a different look.  Taylor was a corpse bride and a really creepy one at that.  My favorite was Lucas'.  He decided he wanted to be a weatherman.  I had to buy a wig since at he time he was sporting a mohawk and aI bought him the little suit from a second had store.  So people didn't think he was selling insurance we attached maps to the sleeves of his coat so he could give the forecast when people asked.  The right side was the 7 day forecast which consisted of tornadoes, snow, rain and falling candy for Halloween.  The other map was a map of the USA with the southwest on fire, the north frozen, tornadoes in the mid west and lightening bolts in the northwest.  He got a lot of really great comments.  (Note to self, next time save a copy of the maps because they were hilarious. )

On this year we had a zombie Flo from Progressive, a zombie princess, Cleopatra and Dracula

For 2012 we have a corpse bride, Dracula, Cleopatra and Juliet (with her bottle of poison). 

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