Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, Lukey, Dee Dee and I went to the Denver Botanic Gardens. I love going there in the Spring and its such a great way to honor Earth Day. The Botanic Gardens is in one of the older neighborhoods in Denver. The gardens are flanked by beautiful old mansions, Cheesman Park and high rise apartments. It is a lovely and tranquil oasis surrounded by city busyness.

DeeDee and Lukey were less impressed with all the blooming flowers than I was. They immediately began to run through the gardens trying to set some sort of land speed record for plant viewing. Luckily, trying to drown themselves in the water features and shredding the flowers at eye level helped slow them down. At least its never boring to go places with DeeDee and Lukey!

We ended up traveling the same direction as an older couple who thought DeeDee and Lucas were the cutest things they had ever seen. The gentleman told Lukey that he was going to call him Buckshot and his sister would be Pansy. Lucas loved the name Buckshot and to prove it had to YELL, "BUCKSHOT...BUCKSHOT..." in a very loud, piercing voice for well over a minute. I know that doesn't seem like a long time...but it is! The couple loved it and egged him on...much to my embarrassment.

The picture is of the kids being coy with the older couple who found them so, very cute. (I should have got a picture of the couple...but that would have taken a lot of thought on my part!)
It was a great way to spend a morning and to celebrate Earth Day!

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