Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snowy Days and Olympic Events

For the love all that’s good, It’s April!!! Make the snow go away NOW! I feel like I have snow day turrets. Every time someone says, "snow" I spit out a swear word!

I’m going to try and be philosophical about it…its April and maybe this will be the last storm…please?

The babies are taking it pretty well, to pass the time they’ve been training for what could be great Olympic events:

(All events need at least two participants; preschoolers are preferred.)

The first event will be called: Good Chair/Bad Chair.

The Rules: Find two chairs that are the same in every way, in some bizarre tot ritual decide one is the good chair and one is the bad chair, fight to the death over the good chair. This will be a free style fight; hair pulling, screaming and eye poking are all considered good fun. The winner will be the athlete that can maintain sitting on the chair the longest. The loser will concede the game by shrieking, “MOMMY”!

The second Olympic event is called: Who Can Scream The Loudest

The Rules: Each athlete must be detained in a small room together with good acoustics. (Practicing for the first event is a good way to accomplish this.) Sit facing each other with feet touching. Each participant then places their hands over their own ears. Now the athletes must scream as loud and for as long as they can. The Gold medal winner is the one who shrieks the loudest and in such a horrific manner, that the judge (mommy) thinks that one of the athletes has had his or her eye ripped out.

The next event: The Naked Dash

The Rules: Participants must be naked to participate, for an interesting twist; the athletes may be wet and covered in slippery soap. Selective deafness for this event is a must. No matter what the judge says or yells, do the exact opposite, unless the judge is trying to use reverse psychology, then the participants should do whatever they want. One athlete will allow herself to be removed from a bathtub filled with water and soap by the judge. As soon as the judge turns around to get a towel the athlete will sprint away, the judge will not chase that participant because she still has another athlete in the tub. The remaining participant will also allow himself to be removed from the tub, and then twist away by using Toddler Kung Fu on the judge. Both athletes will then run around the house naked, dripping wet, giggling and screaming. The first to pee on the carpet wins this event. Extra point will be awarded to the one who pees on something that can’t be cleaned…like a book for example.

The final event in the line up (a favorite of the judge): The Nap Off

The Rules: Participants must GO TO SLEEP NOW!!! Points will be awarded to the athlete who doesn’t do any of the other 3 Olympic events while participating in the Nap Off. Further points will be earned by staying in bed, falling asleep the fastest and sleeping the longest. The winner…the judge

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