Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School

The first day of school... I wish for it all summer, but then I'm kind of sad and regretful when it arrives. This year the girls are in second grade. Its hard to believe they are getting so big:( They were very excited to get back to school but they were worried about their rats and how they would manage without having someone to play with them. After some reassurance that the rats would be fine they were eager to be off to school. I always loved the first day of school, the new clothes, seeing your friends, meeting the exciting. Luckily Taylor and Olivia were excited too and looked so cute for the first day.

After school they were excited to tell me about their teachers (they rock) and about the friends they were reunited with at recess. But, Olivia had the biggest news... she lost one of her front teeth during reading time! The school put the tooth in a tooth shaped case for safe keeping (very cute) and she got a sticker for losing her tooth at school.

Too bad Olivia has the worst tooth fairy in the world... she is very forgetful about doing her job!

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