Monday, August 25, 2008

I visited the DNC and you won't believe who I saw....

On Sunday we decided to take the kids downtown to see what was happening with the DNC. And, to do some sightseeing that we'd been putting off for a while. I thought it was kind of important for the kids to witness a tiny piece of history...even if its just seeing the banners and the preparation for the convention. After all, we probably won't get back downtown during the week... the girls have school, Chris works, I can't parallel park (an important skill to have when visiting downtown). Plus it sounds like a total nightmare to go there myself, with 2 three year olds in tow. It would be kind of hard to dodge protesters and the police when you are tripping over a couple of preschoolers!
While in the area we visited the historic Union Station, I had never been and it was actually kind of interesting to walk around inside the building. The kids loved the huge seats inside the station and it had some great echos when you use your outside voices! Outside they have a train exhibit that was very interesting to visit.
All the banners and flags made the downtown area look very festive and patriotic. We visited with some of the delegates as we rode the shuttle down the 16th Street Mall. The kids thought the bus ride was GREAT... I thought it was kind of like being in the second ring of Hell. I guess it just depends on your perspective.
There were TONS of police officers in the area, it should have been scary to see the number of officers we did. Instead it made me feel safe, it helped that all the officers were very nice and many were posing for pictures. At one point I had all the guys on this car waving... of course that pic turned out blurry... so use your imagination!
We were even lucky enough to see some peaceful protesters. The girls (especially Taylor) loved the fact that all of CodePink were wearing bright pink. I thought it was nice they got to see a group exercising their First Amendment Rights in a non-threatening way.
Oh far as who I saw... lots of nice people but no one famous...


Lweeks said...

I am soooo jealous! This was so interesting and exciting. I feel like I got to be a part of the experience even if was through you!
BTW - love those pink boots of your daughter's.

KentuckyGal said...

Good on you for showing your kids something about our political system, although they might just have gone "Wow" at all the flags! :) At their age, that is just as important.